“You can’t buy happiness, but you can by an ice cream,
.                                                                   which is almost the same thing.” 
Charlie Chaplin.

The primary mission of Guintoli Gelati is to ensure a bit of happiness in every bite, even in that segment of the population with particular allergies.

With the utmost seriousness, we guarantee the coeliac or allergic people the opportunity to enjoy, in great peace of mind, an ice cream stick in the best times of their day. Happiness is the main objective of our company and it should be available with comfort and ease in every occasion also to those who, normally, finds all this difficult.

All Giuntoli products are suitable for coeliac customers (except Limonice). This allows us to satisfy a larger share of the general population and to minimize the situations of diversity and discomfort affecting such people.

In 2016 we introduced a lactose-free chocolate coating to meet the needs of allergic consumers, so that they can enjoy an ice cream with quality and taste standards equal to those of a classic product. The product can be viewed here.

Our dedicated team invites all consumers to get in contact with us (also through our Facebook page) so that we can answer all your doubts and your curiosity about the ingredients we use.

Doctor Alessia Marmorino