“Who gets fat thinks too much”.

(Doctor Morelli: “Dimagrire senza dieta- Il metodo psicosomatico” – Slimming down without dieting – The psychosomatic method)

Proper nutrition combined with a sober and balanced life are of fundamental importance for the prevention of numerous pathological conditions.

The word “diet” is not necessarily associated with a punitive condition or a restrictive lifestyle, but it must be associated with a modus operandi in search of self-respect and respect of food. Very often the abuse of the word “diet” has totally senseless effects and probably opposite to those desired. Therefore a diet must comply with three fundamental characteristics:

– ADEQUATE, in order to avoid nutritional deficiencies;

– HEALTHY, to avoid dietary excesses;

– OPTIMAL, i.e. or full of protective substances.

The psychological component plays a crucial role in all our choices, including food. However there is a truth: the combination of a correct calorie intake and regular energy expenditure through physical activity is a winning strategy to be fit and happy with yourself.

Con ingredienti di qualità opportunamente selezionati e del tutto naturali, il gelato può integrarsi perfettamente nelle abitudini alimentari di chiunque, bambini e adulti e pertanto non essere più considerato solo come un “peccato di gola”. È un prodotto ricco di numerosi micronutrienti, equilibrato, fresco e al contempo regala pochi minuti di piacere..e allora non pensiamoci troppo!!

Dott: Carmine Andrea Orlando


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