Ice cream, amazing Italian food, in addition to being a great pleasure for the palate has also important energy and nutrient qualities that, with the right precautions, can be part of a nutrition program.

Thanks to the correct and balanced relationship between the raw materials used for the preparation of mixtures, the ice cream is an easily digestible product particularly suitable for children, sportsmen and the elderly.

The main nutrients (proteins, minerals, fibres and vitamins) useful for the good functioning of the body derive from a careful selection of the ingredients used for our products. Because they contain a high percentage of water, ice creams can therefore contribute to hydration of the organism especially in the warmer seasons.

The range of Gelati Guintoli products offers a wide variety of ice lollies and ice creams, to be able to satisfy all types of customers, including those with coeliac disease and those intolerant to lactose.

Doctor Vincenzo Rigoli