Water, sugar, fructose-glucose syrup, rehydrated whole MILK 10%, coconut oil, MILK proteins, natural flavours, emulsifiers: monodiglycerides of fatty acids, stabilizers: (sodium alginate, locust bean gum, wheat fibres, sodium phosphate, maltodextrin, sucrose), flavours, colouring: copper complexes of chlorophyllins, curcumin, acidifier: citric acid.


Nutritional values
Energy Proteins Total carbohydrates Of which sugars Total Fat
Fat of which saturates Fibre Sodium
100 g of product 124 Kcal 519  KJ 1,7 g 20,0 g 17,4 g 4,0 g 4,0 g 0 g 0 g
Per serving
70 g
87  Kcal 363  KJ 1,2 g 14,0 g 12,2 g 2,8 g 2,8 g 0 g 0 g



The preservation of low temperature is the essential condition for proper storage of the product. The transport from the shop at home is one of the most critical points, therefore we recommend to take the ice lollies from the shelves at the end of the shopping, just before paying. It is advisable to place all ice lollies in the same bag in order to keep their temperature for longer time. We advise you to buy special bags for frozen food, suitable for insulating the packages from the external environment, thus maintaining the characteristics of the product.